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The Word List Generator Project has created a database of 2084 words that elementary school teachers can use to help students practice and build sounding out and word-form recognition skills. Learn more about the project and how you can help.

To generate a word list matching your students’ instructional level, select parameters below–eg, to generate a list of CVC words beginning with continuous sounds, check the CVC checkbox and select “are continuous only” from the Initial sounds drop-down menu.
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(Use _ to represent a single character, so _a_ would find all three-letter words with a as the middle letter. Use % to represent any number of characters, so %a% would find all words of any length with an a in them. Note that _ and % can be mixed so __a% will find all words that have an a as the third character.)
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Amazing Business Name Generation Can Be Done, Here is How. It has always been your dream to own your business. You have developed your business plan and completed all the necessary preliminary steps required when starting a new business. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to choose a designation or name, a process that can be tedious since you want to ensure that it not only says what exactly your company is about but is also cool, unique, and catchy!

Many businesses have shut down primarily due to brand name that were just not the right fit, so you must ensure that you do not sabotage your own business by overlooking the importance of naming it appropriately. Choosing the right one is crucial for your business to be success and is necessary if you need it to stand out among your competitors. Your customers will associate the title of your company with what it provides to them.

Bellow are a few tips to help you generate a cool designation for your business:

Explore Ideas

Decide what you want it to communicate about your business. An excellent way to start is by developing a mission statement that will help you identify the key elements that you want to highlight in your brand name. In other words, you want to create a one that is meaningful and positive. You also want your business’ title to resonate with customers, so brainstorm words that could fit into your name, those that not only convey imagery but will even conjure up pleasant memories, so your customers connect with your business emotionally.

Simple Goes a Long Way!

Refrain from choosing a too-long name that is hard to spell or pronounce and challenging for your customers to remember.

Keeping it simple is even more vital if you are starting an online business. You want customers to be clear on how to find it online. You do not want to continually exert energy correcting misspelled versions of your business’ brand name.

Additionally, your customers should find your business’ brand name appealing and pleasant, not confusing and overly complicated. It is never good when people repeatedly ask you to explain what it means. It could give the impression that you did not give it enough thought and might even suggest that you do not fully understand your business and the direction you want it to go.

Turn on Your Creative Bulb

Using a made-up name may not be right in certain situations; however, if you find that this approach fits your business plans, it is a great idea to create your own. You can work with word segments or morphemes to formulate words that are meaningful and unique. Another solution to consider is to use new forms of spelling of existing terms which could make your brand name less generic and more noticeable. While exploring your creative juices, be sure to factor in scalability of the brand name that you are coining. Branding has become increasingly popular in the business world; hence you need to ensure that your business designation reflects its ability to encompass future growth. For example, you may start out selling clothes but end up offering accessories later.

Test, Test and Test Some More

After you have narrowed down your name options to five or six, run them by trusted friends, colleagues, and family members as well as your target audience, remove names that are difficult to remember, spell, pronounce or have a negative connotation. Those that you keep should be memorable and catchy and communicate the value of your brand, product, or service to your target customer base.

You should also conduct a thorough internet search to ensure that the name is available to use as a trademark. You would not want to infringe on another business’s trademark and end up in a legal battle that could negatively impact your company’s survival.

If you are planning an online business, a website name can impact your visibility and influence your marketing.

Do not abandon the right business name because the site that you want is unavailable.

Instead, you could consider buying if it is a parked domain. It might be costly to do so, but the benefits of having a search-friendly, memorable domain far exceed the cost.

Use available resources that will help you brainstorm names.

There are several websites available that can help you generate name ideas. A few are:

· Oberlo – (generates business brand titles and looks up website availability simultaneously)

· Shopify – business brand name generator

· Brandlance – business name ideas

· Name Mesh (recommends relevant available domains based on the keywords that you list).

Picking a name can be hard when you’re getting ready to begin a business. A business name is your first move towards creating a successful brand. However, once you’ve made your selection, start building your enthusiasm for the new name instantly; after all, it is your first step towards building a strong company identity that should last throughout the life of your business or company.